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Cecil Aronowitz Viola Competition and Festival

We were delighted, back in October, to receive an invitation from Louise Lansdown, Head of Strings at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, inviting our viola players to attend the second Cecil Aronowitz Viola Competition and Festival. It was a rare opportunity and very...

National Success for Sandwell Young Musicians

We are proud to announce that a number of the young musicians from our central ensembles have been accepted on to programmes being undertaken by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain in 2018.  Congratulations are due to the following musicians who will be part...

Spring Concert Series

The Spring term culminated in some incredible performances from all of our Music Centre ensembles.  It’s important that our young musicians have regular opportunities to perform to a live audience throughout the year and it’s always a pleasure for teachers, parents...

Our Summer Festival

Each summer we enjoy finishing off the academic year in style, with a week long festival of concerts and events that showcase hundreds of Sandwell's young musicians. We are now planning the festival for 2017, but as a reminder we thought you'd like to see some images...